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Sans Souci: Decorative and Smart Lighting


Watch Aurora Borealis glow. Inspired by the northern lights and their fascinating colour play, Aurora brings the rare natural phenomenon inside. Each hand-blown glass pendant is made of two parts – a crystal drop with a soda effect inside and a transparent cap with a beautiful metallic finish. Together, suspended in a beautiful formation, they create a magically dynamic light show controlled directly from your smartphone.

Aurora was created by Katarina Kotulacova. The light sources are set to produce a pulsating display of various coloured fans, rays, or drapes. It’s nothing short of a spectacular celestial event unfolding right in your living room.


Opera, a dramatic composition tells a story through light. Like its musical counterpart, it will enrich your experience with its overwhelming presence. The Beautiful hand-blown crystal glass masterpiece hangs suspended like an organ from the ceiling like an ultimate form of artwork. Gold or silver nano-coating and mesmerising optical effects add a dose of emotion to this striking composition. With a soda effect it’s lit by built-in LED RGB technology that can be set into various lighting effects like as colour blower, rays, or slings, generating a lot of drama in your area. Opera is more than simply a beautiful light that lights your environment; it is also a mood maker and changer. It allows you to access your private opera world at any time of day or night by clicking a button. Inside, the vibe shifts from classical to rock.

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