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Masiero: lights inspired by elements of nature

Posy is all about balance and simplicity. The sphere and stem interact with one another to create a natural balance that is stunning in its natural beauty.

Posy’s expressive language appears to be casual, but it is the outcome of a search for visual and static balances.

Asymmetry is sought pursued and prevalent throughout the collection: it creates movement, and lightness, displays compositional flexibility, and provides the observer with fresh and surprising points of view.

Masiero celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2021 by releasing lots of new products, including a gold edition of some of its most memorable lines.

Sara Moroni, who considers her approach to design as having no rules or established style, is Masiero’s perfect fit.

“[It’s the] final result of a complex process that focuses on function and innovation,” she says.

“The common thread between the projects is the multidisciplinary approach: the only lever that can give rise to new ideas and innovative projects. Design transversality is a conscious and complex choice, but at the same time extremely stimulating and necessary.”

Finally, this prompted the designer to question the predictability of standard lighting. “I wanted to break with the canonical compositional schemes based mainly on symmetry and repetition,” she explains.

“Throughout the collection, asymmetry is sought after and prevailing: it creates movement, lightness, expresses compositional freedom and offers the observer always new and unexpected points of view.”

Posy is distinguished by a framework of brass bar parts with an attractive brushed galvanic finish that supports one or more spherical opal glass lampshades.

Inspired by natural shapes, the series recreates the formal and structural transposition of gems that emerge irregularly around a stem.

Posy expands on the idea of visual and compositional perception.

The sphere has no directionality; it always looks the same from any angle, whereas the cylinder positioned horizontally or obliquely disrupts the visual scheme, appearing formally different depending on the angle of sight.

“By creating cluster installations, we must imagine that each metallic element assumes a natural spatial position corresponding to its static equilibrium point,” says Moroni.

“The aesthetic result will be very “spontaneous”, unique, and will suggest lightness and movement.”

The collection’s foundation is made up of two simple solids: a flawless glass sphere and a micro-worked brass cylinder.

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