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How to Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Dream Home?

To light up your dream space, you need appropriate lighting that complements the aesthetic and functionality of your space. Very often we are lost and confused about our lighting choices. The possibility of making mistakes when choosing to light for your home is great, and you must consider several factors such as natural light abundance, the colour of your walls, the ambience you want to set in different places, and so on. Here are a few general guidelines to keep in mind while selecting lights for your home.

1.Understand the kinds of lights

There are four basic kinds of lights ambient, accent, task and decorative lighting. Ambient lights allow you to illuminate your whole space, Accent lights help in accentuating certain elements in your room such as paintings, some figures, etc. Task lights are more driven toward functionality and will serve the purpose of providing you with the appropriate lights for completing tasks, especially in rooms such as your study room, dressing or bathroom. Aura allows you to explore all of the above with suggestions and tweaks given by our design team to help you select the perfect lighting solution for your space.

2.Light temperature

With light comes the heat it emits and how its colour/brightness serves its purpose. With the selection of the wrong light, you may invite problems such as eye fatigue, headache and an ambience that you did not ask for as it would not complement your space or its function. Therefore, it is very important to pick a light that will not have the right temperature and functionality. For the same, our design team is equipped to analyse your light choices and the effects of your chosen light in terms of temperature and functionality on your room.

3.Aesthetic and Decor

When choosing your lights evidently, keep in mind your room/area the purpose and the story of the space. The lighting solution that you pick will have to complement both the story and purpose of your room. Moreover, you want to make sure that your chosen light fixture fits your space perfectly, and to make that happen have an idea about the measurements of your space. For instance, knowing the height of the area will be key when you will be looking for a wall chandelier so on and so forth. To add on, do not hesitate to have different levels of light. Perhaps think of having lamps, overhead fixtures, and perhaps even dimmers within one singular space. This will not only eliminate darkness in your room but also create a cosy and warm feel. Very often than not, your lights will be the decor. In this case wisely think about your aesthetic and functionality because if the light will be the star of the room, it is also probably going to be the only source of light in that space.

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