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Design Process at Aura Illumination

Step 1: Concept Design

In this process, we first study the plan and we come up with different concepts for each and every space. We give you at least 2 options for each of your spaces based on the usage of the space. We create custom sketches to show pictographically how it would seem so that you could get a better understanding of how your space shall look.

Step 2: Schematic Design

Once you have shortlisted the options for each space, we come up with the positions of all the fixtures and we give you the final drawings for the space. We shall coordinate with your Electrical Contractor at this stage to make sure the wiring is done as per what is proposed. We even give you lux level reports to show you the Illumination levels throughout your space. At this stage, we also come up with a BOQ, so that we could optimize the price based on your budget.

Step 3: Design Development

Once the BOQ is finalised, we go ahead and give you the exact installation details for each fixture, control grouping ( which fixture and how many fixtures should be connected to which switch etc.). In this stage, we work very closely with your Automation Consultant (if you are going for automation) and create different scenarios for all the spaces. We do mockups where required and give you the final BOQ and Spec Sheets for all the shortlisted fixtures.

Step 4: Tender and site supervision

Once the BOQ has been finalised, we share shop drawings for each fixture at your space and coordinate with your installation team. We visit the site once during this process and guide the Contractors and solve any issues that may arise even in the future.

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