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Artemide: LiFi and smart lights


For a space that caters to the current waves of architecture and ornamentation, Aura brings to you the lighting solutions that cater to trends today from the lighting giants.

Bold designs by big names and the development of new, visionary technologies are an established part of our brand code. Numerous product developments such as the Metamorfosi collection, Tizio or Alphabet of Light – to mention just a few – were and remain technological trailblazers. Artemide pools its technological expertise in the company’s own research and innovation centre in Pregnana Milanese. This is where 60 of the company’s 750 staff worldwide are continuously researching new materials and visionary technologies – an indication of just how important research is to our corporate culture.

For quite some time, light has been much more than simple illumination. It is increasingly intelligent and interactive, allowing its users to be ever more tailored and flexible. Artemide offers digital tools and services that can be integrated into numerous designer lights and technical lighting systems. In their interaction with light, users can create their own optimum lighting solutions.

The lights can be controlled flexibly and easily with the help of the Artemide app. The app is a direct and intuitive user interface not only for controlling individual lights, but also for putting together whole groups in complex illumination scenarios.

Continuous research means that light is going to drive our digital future. Li-Fi enables LEDs in an Artemide light to send data to digital devices – quicker and more secure than Wi-Fi and also conceivably wherever interference causes disruptions, such as in planes or operating theatres. In Geo Li-Fi, Artemide has developed a new form of user experience: high-speed information acquisition for exhibition visitors, push notifications on products while out shopping or gathering information to optimise the range of product presentations for retailers. There are no limits to what the digitisation of light can do.

Our latest development is allowing us to react to current events: INTEGRALIS® is a new lighting technology that is effective at fighting bacteria, fungi and mould using violet light elements. INTEGRALIS® aims to achieve a perfect balance between the highest light quality, optimum colour reproduction and effective disinfection. INTEGRALIS® is flexible and can adapt to people’s needs and protect their health – a technology made for people

Linea Light-Warm Tune technology, towards lighting design on a human scale